October 25, 2008, Saturday – Norwegian Majesty Canada & New England cruise

     We made arrangements with Irv Thompson, an  Atlantic City cab driver, to pick us up at Harrah’s and drop us off at the ship in Philadelphia.  It was lightly raining when we arrived at the ship.  Being that we are gold Latitudes members, we were given the VIP treatment and escorted to the front of the line.  It was shortly after 12 when we boarded so the cabins were not ready.  We left our rolling bag in the hall by the elevator and went up to the Cafe Royale buffet for lunch.  Ray had a sandwich and I went to the carving station.  As it was raining, we ate quickly to give others a place to sit.  We walked around a bit and then went to our cabin and unpacked our carryon luggage.  Our other bag arrived shortly.  We are in cabin 3030, an inside quad.   There seems to be more room and extra drawers.  We received a bottle of wine and a plate of fruit from Latitudes.  We had the mandatory boat drill and set sail at 4 PM.  We had dinner in the Seven Seas dining room with a couple we met while waiting on line.  Ray had lamb and I had chicken.  There was a welcome aboard variety show and the comedian was very funny.  The ship was rocking pretty good.  Our cabin steward is James.  There was a time change notice on our bed to set our clocks ahead 1 hour tonight.

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