October 26, 2008, Sunday, At Sea

     We went to breakfast about 8:45 in the dining room.  I picked up a book to read and a Sudoko from the library.  We looked in the shops and went to the Cruise Critic Meet & Greet at 10:30.  We  introduced ourselves and had our Chinese gift exchange where you choose a number, then go in order to choose a gift.  After the first person, you may either choose a gift or take something that someone else has opened.  If you take someone else’s gift, they get to choose a new gift.  Ray ended up with a t-shirt and I got a bag of goodies from Philly.  A few people left early because they were sea-sick.  We were rocking pretty good.  One of the ship’s officers came and talked with us and brought coffee and buns.  It went until 11:30, so I missed the NCL-U Seminar: Creating Digital Cruise Memories.  We had lunch in the dining room, Ray had grouper and I had a steak sandwich.  We then went to the Latitudes party and had a drink, met the captain, and had prize raffles.  We didn’t win.  Ray went to the slot tournament and I went golf putting and to the NCL-U Seminar:  Photo-Editing Magic!  The gal that was supposed to give the talk was sea-sick, so the photographer spoke with us.  I decided to take a short nap but slept until 5 and then Ray came in.  Ray had duck for dinner and I had beef Wellington.  We then went for a VIP reception with Captain Borg for another drink!  He is the same captain from the cruise I took with Ellie.   We left a little early so we could get to the show, On the Radio (same show I saw with Ellie in January.)  Those kids moved non-stop for 45 minutes!  We went to the casino for a bit and then I came to the room to try out this Blog thing.  The Phillies are on TV and at this time they are winning in the bottom of the 7th inning.  The signal to the ship keeps going in and out.  There was a towel elephant on the bed to welcome us tonight.  Ray is at Monte Carlo Night in the casino with entertainment by tumblers Domino & Dominique.  Tomorrow is Saint John, New Brunswick.

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