October 27, 2008, Monday, Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada

      After breakfast, we joined the long line to depart the ship for our Highlights of Saint John bus tour.  It was foggy and cool when we left, but the sun was out when we returned.  We stopped at the Reversing Falls that results when the Bay of Fundy tide comes in and forces the Saint John river to reverse its flow, resulting in churning waters.  Harbor seals follow the water in to fish and at low tide wait in the bay for the fish to return.  The two waters meet at a rocky gorge which cause the rapids.  Saint John, Halifax, Majesty 2008 012We passed many interesting sights and then stopped at the Old City Market which sold a variety of food and souvenirs.  The roof is shaped like an inverted hull of a ship.  Saint John, Halifax, Majesty 2008 035 Ray bought a Moose shirt  There was a woman selling quilling and she gave me the names of a few good books to use.  She didn’t want me to take pictures of her work.  I should try making a frame or two and see how they come out.  They might not be as nice as Dad’s, but might be good enough.  Back at the pier there were a few stalls selling souvenirs.  We took a little nap before dinner.  Ray had pork loin for dinner and I had chicken.  We didn’t have any luck with Spin to Win.  The show tonight was hilarious!  It was the outrageous comedy variety of Alfred and Seymour, the “Black Street Boyz”  They did a little bit of everything and inter-acted with the audience.   After that the production singers and the band sang songs from the 40’s made famous by the Rat Pack.  We put a deposit down on a future cruise so now we have to decide where to go!  There was a frog towel on the bed to greet us.

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