October 28, 2008, Tuesday, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

     We were doing some rocking this morning, so it took a little longer to dock.  Halifax is the capital of Nova Scotia.  There were no tours left at the pier except for a HOHO bus (hop on hop off).  It was $52. pp, so we decided to walk the boardwalk.  It was very, very windy, but not too cold.  They were working on the boardwalk, so we went up to Lower Water St. and walked to the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic.  We saw a 3-D movie of the Titanic as she sits on the ocean floor and saw another movie about the Titanic and artifacts.  They also had a movie about the explosion in the harbor that took place 5 years later.  It was the largest man-made explosion before the atomic age.  It occurred when 2 ships collided, one carrying explosives.  Chair from Titanic Titanic model The fish and chips shop was closed on the pier.  As we were walking back to the ship, it began to rain.  It was still very, very windy.  There were some shops inside the terminal.  We went to the cabin to put on dry clothes.  At 3 PM there was a folkloric show of 2 bagpipers and 9 girls doing various Scottish dances.  They were very good.  Saint John, Halifax, Majesty 2008 075           Saint John, Halifax, Majesty 2008 073 We then went to watch some guys playing golf Wii, but left to get ready for dinner before we got a turn.  We had chocolate-covered strawberries delivered to us by Latitudes.  Dinner was quite a thrill.  We did some heavy duty tilting as we were leaving the harbor.  Stuff even spilled out of the waiters’ cabinets.  The captain said it would be rough and to take a pill if you thought you might need it.  He also said it might be too rough to tender into Bar Harbor, ME.  I had prime rib and Ray had chicken fajitas.  The comedian, Joe Yannetty was back tonight and we all had  good laugh.  We went to the casino and then back for Joe’s second show.  The Liar’s Club followed that and then the Chocoholic Buffet in the Seven Seas.  Tonight we set our clocks back and gained an hour.  There was a dog towel creation to greet us in the cabin.  Because of the very rough seas, Bar Harbor, ME might be canceled.

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