October 29, 2008, Wednesday, At Sea

IMG_0936      As you can see from the title, they closed the port at Bar Harbor, ME.  It is a tender port, and no way could they launch the tenders.  During the night, stuff went sliding in the room and falling on my bed.  Ray slept through it all, of course.  I had gotten up to use the bathroom just before things started to rock and roll.  Of course I had trouble falling back asleep listening to all of the boat noises.  My Bonine is working great.  When I did awake, I couldn’t find my flashlight.  Joe found it under my bed.  We heard the announcement about staying at sea and then headed up for breakfast.  We had a few good moves during breakfast and just hung on to our water goblets.  We saw a gurney going down the hall after we heard an Alpha 1 call.  Don’t know what was wrong.  The promenade deck on 7 is closed due to winds and spray reaching the deck.  The sun came out but as I sit in the cabin writing this, the bow camera has drops on it, but it could just be spray.  Ray entered a Texas hold-em tournament around 11 and I am checking train schedules for a trip to Maine from Boston for tomorrow.  I came on this cruise to get my 50th state and hopefully we’ll do it tomorrow.  It’s 12:30 PM so I guess Ray is holding his own.  Fish and Chips are on the lunch menu so I guess I’ll read or nap until he gets back.   Ray had the fish and chips and I had a croque monsieur.  We didn’t do much of anything in the afternoon but chatted with others.  They really didn’t add more activities because we would be at sea.  I can’t remember what we had for dinner, I might have had the chicken again.  I’m doing this on Friday.  Show time was the music of Billy Joel, Elton John, Neil Sedaka & more with vocal pianist Brett Cave.  He was great.  There was a towel snake waiting for us in the cabin.

IMG_0931   IMG_0937

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