October 30, 2008, Thursday, Boston, MA

     There is a 9:05 AM train leaving North train station for Maine.  When we asked about getting off early last night, they said come at 7 AM to the desk.  When we got there, we weren’t docked yet, so no Immigration officers were aboard.  The dining room didn’t open until 7:30, so we went up to the buffet for breakfast.  We got our coats and when to the Palace theater for immigration and they weren’t ready yet.  They were calling people on tours first so we went in with them and explained we had to catch a train.  There was then a delay in getting off the ship for about 15 -20 minutes.  We had seen EMT people with a gurney, so maybe they were taking that person off first.  Outside, we finally decided to take a cab to the North Station and made it with 5 -7 minutes to spare.  We took the train to Wells, ME, a cute little town.  Saw beautiful changing of the leaves on the way up. IMG_0942 IMG_0957

It is now official,  I have been in all 50 of the United States of America!  We took a cab to the Maine Diner and had a wonderful lunch.  Ray had a fish sandwich and I had mac & cheese and a hamburger.  They made the mac & cheese with white cheddar and it was pretty good.  The diner has been on the Today show.  There was a gift shop next door. IMG_0961  IMG_0964   We were very close to Kennebunkport.  If we had more time, we could have visited the Bushes.  The taxi picked us up and we went back to the station.  The taxi driver didn’t take any money on the way to the diner, but asked for $30 at the station.  The diner was maybe 5 miles down the road.  The taxi in Boston was $11.40 one way and $11.80 back.  We arrived at the ship just as some tour busses arrived and we had 30 minutes to spare.  There are no shops in the terminal.  Dinner was a vegetarian plate for Ray and I had roast beef and Yorkshire pudding.  We decide to put another deposit down for a cruise.  We’re going to try a  back-to-back in the Mediterranean.  The entertainment was the production company doing a review of songs and dances from Broadway musicals.  We left before they had the tribute to staff and bingo.  There was a ‘white hot party’ in the disco at 10:45 PM which we did not go to.   There was a towel monkey hanging from the ceiling waiting for us in the cabin and a plate of cookies from Latitudes.


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