October 31, 2008, Friday, At Sea

     Here we are already, our last day of the cruise.  The water is very calm today.  We had quite a long breakfast today chatting with our table mates.  Two of the couples had done River Cruises in Europe and loved them.  I’m catching up on the blog and Ray went up to Bingo to see if we won a free cruise and to get new luggage tags.  We were given gold VIP tags to get off first, but we have to wait for the taxi anyway.

     It is now Nov.27, Happy Thanksgiving to all, and I didn’t finish the above blog, and now I can’t remember anything!  Irv did show up and we drove back to Atlantic City.  We had a long wait for our plane.  I used the time to check my email.  I should have finished this blog.  I am writing this on my new ASUS EeePC computer.  It measures 9″ x 6 1/2″ and fits in my purse.  The keyboard is so tiny, I keep leaving off letters, so please excuse any typos.

     These photos show the changing of colors in NJ.


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