Barcelona, December 1, 2008

We arrived at the Charleston Airport a little after noon for our 3:25 flight to Atlanta.  An earlier flight was delayed in departing and our flight was going to be delayed also.  The gal at the counter let us go on a 2 PM flight, without our luggage.  We were just able to make our 5:20 PM flight to Paris.  It was also a close connection in Paris.  We arrived in Barcelona on time, but our luggage didn’t make it.  Our Hotel Diagonal was very modern.  Yes that is the tub and bathroom behind the screen.

 IMG_1080  IMG_1088 We had dinner at Gino’s in the mall across the street.  Once we boarded the Celebrity Century, I checked in with the concierge to let him know about our luggage.  He tracked it to Paris.  They said they could get it to Barcelona by 5:30 PM, but we sailed at 5!  We each received a goody bag and a T-shirt.  We had our emergency and life boat drill and then went to the Cruise Critic Meet and Greet in the Hemisphere Lounge.  Met some nice people and saw a gorgeous sunset.

IMG_1095  IMG_1105


We are in cabin 1090 and the room is lovely.  I’m not crazy about the sink, it takes a bit of getting used to.

IMG_1092  IMG_1090

The ship is ready for the Christmas Holidays. IMG_1113

     We had a lovely table for ten in the dining room on the sixth floor, but half the table spoke Spanish.  The other couple asked for a new table and so did we.  We were put at the same table as them on the fifth floor.  They are also in the CC group, Bev and Scott.  The entertainment tonight was “A Taste of Things to Come”.  It was a little of what is to come later in the cruise.

     Sunrise was 7:58 am and sunset was 5:23 pm.  It was sunny and cool.  The distance to Cartagena is 282 nautical miles.

     I don’t know what I did at the beginning of this page to change the layout.  I’m planning on taking a few computer class on board.

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