Cartagena, Spain, December 2, 2008

     Cartagena is one of the most important ports in Spain, servicing foreign trade customers all over the world and bringing much wealth and employment into the city.  The bay of Cartagena has approximately 50 docks of both private and public use, with millions of tonnes of varied cargo being transported around the globe.

IMG_1117  IMG_1118

     The Cruise Critic group met at 9:30 in the Hemisphere Lounge.  What a gorgeous view from there as we sailed into the harbor.  The Captain, Cruise Director and other staff members joined us.  We’re going to try to meet again during the cruise.  I went to check on our luggage and was told it would definitely not arrive today.  We decided I would try to find a dressy top in town.  We started on our adventure into town.  It was cold when the wind was blowing, but sunny.  We followed the crowd towards the Mayor’s Street, which was basically a pedestrian street with lots of little shops along it.  It was a very pretty street with tile on the sidewalks and street.  When we left that street, the tile continued on the sidewalks.

IMG_1122  IMG_1123

     All but one store did not have my size.  Didn’t like the one that did.  We were directed to El Corte Ingles which was like a Macy’s, about a 15 to 20 minute walk ahead of us.  Off we went and I did find a couple of tops I liked and chose the one that was 69 Euros.  Of course it had to be silk.  The other one I liked was 120 Euros.  I needed a pair of socks for walking in Gibraltar and the cheapest pair I could find was 5.50 Euro — about $8.00.  It was a rough walk back to the ship, my feet hurt and Ray’s leg was “killing” him.  After checking on the map, we walked about 2 1/2 miles total!

IMG_1121      IMG_1125

     We had a wonderful dinner for our first formal night, Ray had lamb and I had steak.  Our new table had two other couples plus Bev and Scott.  Before the show, The Master, Captain Georgios Theodorou invited all guests to join him for a Gala Toast and he introduced his chief staff.  The show was a wonderful production number, “A Touch of Broadway”.  Both Ray and I had trouble staying awake — not because of the quality of the show, but we were tired from walking in the fresh air.  I signed up for some computer classes.  As Captain’s Club members we received a gift of 6 chocolates in a little pack from Cova on our bed.  There is a Cova Cafe on deck 6 that has croissants, Danishes, Pastries, Cookies and in the evening a Tapas Bar.  Tomorrow:  Gibraltar.

One Response to “Cartagena, Spain, December 2, 2008”

  1. Jack Cummings Says:

    What beautiful weather! Cartgena is one of our favorite cities. We were stationed north of there in the early 70’s at a Navy low frequency transmitter site. We have shopped at El Corte Ingles in Seville many times when we were stationed at Rota, one neat thing about that store then was it had a place to leave your kids while you shopped.

    Also in Cartagena we loved to eat at Le Chimonix (SP), but it is probably long gone now.

    Thanks for the neat pictures.


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