Lanzarote, Canary Islands, December 6, 2008

     I won’t keep mentioning the early noises heard in our cabin.  I guess they will be with us for the duration of this wonderful cruise.  I will say, that having a different port every day is very tiring.  It will be nice to finally have some sea days.  The most easterly of the seven major Canary Islands, Lanzarote lies in the Atlantic only 70 miles from the coast of Africa.  Lanzarote, the “island of volcanoes,” is like no other place on earth.  It is often described  as lunar or Martian-like, the barren landscape is the result of the islands volcanic origins.  It is approximately 12 miles wide and 37 miles long.  We didn’t choose a tour, so we took a taxi into Arrecife.  We arrived before the shops opened and took a leisurely walk along the water.  The town is pretty.  The shops were to open at 10, but some never opened.

IMG_1524  IMG_1527

IMG_1530  IMG_1531

     Ray studied the menu of a Chinese restaurant and then we started exploring.  There was a group of men having a Saturday morning get-to-gether at an outdoor restaurant by the water.  They were having a lively conversation.  We went down a side street and back to where the taxi driver showed us a pedestrian street.  Shops were just beginning to open.  Poinsettias were in pots all around the town.  We found a large store and went up to the third (really 4th) floor and discovered we were in household goods.  While looking out a back window, I saw tables set up around the water.

  IMG_1542 IMG_1543

     Many of the tables were selling the same thing, a lot of it made in China.  Of course we found something.  It was a pretty little area, but most buildings were white.  Those that took tours mentioned how bleak the Island was.

IMG_1545 Stitch

IMG_1554  IMG_1555

 IMG_1557 Stitch Lanzarote

     We found our way back to the taxi stand and went back to the ship.  After lunch, I went up to the computer lab to work.  Just before dinner they gave a class on downloading and organizing digital photos.  It was confusing, but I think I learned something.  They are giving it again tomorrow and I might go and listen again.  We had good conversation and food at dinner.  The entertainment was a combination of Paul Emmanuel and Antonio Salci.  We bought Antonio’s CD.  Maybe it will inspire our piano playing.  Antonio is self taught.  As you can see by  a couple of the pictures, I have been practicing my panoramic shots.  Tonight we have 225 nautical miles to reach our last port, La Palma, Canary Islands.

IMG_1565  IMG_1567

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