Atlantic Ocean, December 8,2009

     We had to set our clocks back one hour last night.  That is one advantage of sailing East to West, 25 hour days.  Our first sea day was relaxing.  Ray entered some tournaments and I attended a few classes.  The first one was a basic digital camera seminar.  I learned a few things, but it would have been nice to have the class before we had all our land days.  There was no time, however.  The gal giving it sure knew her cameras.  Her name was Lovely Cruz.  Really, her given name is Lovely.  I also attended a lecture on top 10 cool websites and ecommerce.  I have some new sites to try.  I also attended watercolor fun.  I painted a couple of penguins.  I will pick something easier tomorrow.  Norma is collecting all paintings to have an exhibit at the end of the cruise.  Tonight is formal night and we attended the Captain’s Club Party before dinner.  The singers and dancers performed “Dance Around the World”.  We set our clocks back another hour tonight.

IMG_1704 Susan and Ray.                      IMG_1705  Bev and Scott.                          IMG_1706 Alan and Chris.                         IMG_1708 Doris and Lester.

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