Atlantic Ocean, December 9, 2008

      Another beautiful day at sea.  The ocean has been very calm and we are traveling nice and slow.  I went upstairs to the Island Cafe for coffee while waiting for Ray to wake up.  A nice quiet time to read.  Ray came up and then I saw people pointing out the window towards my back.  I looked and then had to go get the camera.

IMG_1703 Stitch rainbow 1

     There it was, a beautiful full rainbow!  Thank goodness for the panoramic feature on computers.  I couldn’t get it all in one shot.  If you look closely at the right end of the rainbow, you can see it going in the water.                                                                                               IMG_1720 Stitch rainbow 2

     We then went to try out hand at darts.  Ray then went to shoot basketball and I went to the Battle of the Sexes.  We met in the cabin and then went for lunch.  Ray had a tournament at 2 and I had watercolor at 2:30 and a computer class on power point at 4:15.  The power point class was only 45 minutes, but I have a great hand-out to follow.

IMG_1742 Stitchdeck 7

     This is a view of deck 7, 6 below.   We had chateaubriand for dinner and it was excellent, or brilliant as Alan and Chris would say.  They are from England.  The entertainment tonight was Vincenzo Gentile with “Music From Around the World”.  He played the violin.  It was an excellent show.  We stayed put for the Newly-wed, not So Newly-wed game show.  We were sitting in the chairs at the back.  They are so much more comfortable than the benches.  Again, we set our clocks back one hour.

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