Atlantic Ocean, December 10, 2008

     It is another pretty day, although more clouds than yesterday.  There isn’t too much on the activity sheet that appeals to me, and right now it doesn’t look like a day to sit in the sun, but it is only 9:30 am.  We did get an invitation to tour the bridge at 11.  I ended up staying in the cafe talking with another woman until about 10:30 and then went to the bridge.  We had to show the invitation, our sea pass card and a photo ID to get in the bridge.  Then we had to sign a log.  It did start to get a little rocky and I had to leave the talk early and go take a Bonine.  IMG_1775  I met Ray in the cafe and we had lunch.  It was English special day so I had a little beef stew and mashed potatoes.  It was very good.  We went out and sat by the pool and listened to the band for a little while.  I watched a movie and then went to painting.  We’re still moving more than usual.  We were in the very center of the Atlantic Ocean this afternoon. 

IMG_1757  IMG_1779

     Again a good dinner and great conversation.  We had seen tonight’s show on another ship and were looking forward to hearing Jack Walker sing again.  He didn’t disappoint us.  Clocks go back one more hour tonight!

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