Atlantic Ocean, December 11, 2008

     Sunrise is 5:49 a and sunset is 4:34 today.  My day started off bright and early because they scheduled an arts and crafts project at 8 a.m.  It was supposed to be beaded bracelets, but they didn’t have any clasps or elastic cord.  Some decided to make a necklace, but I took the option of a pin and bead angel.  I got close to finishing it, but they didn’t have any glue, so that will be a project for me when I get home.  When we get home, I am going to spend some time on the Internet working on my blog site, thanks to suggestions from Jack.  I went up to the room to wake Ray and we went to breakfast.  We then went to a table setting demo and culinary demo.  Ray went to shoot hoops and I went to the Battle of the Sexes activity.  The score today was 100 to 105 in favor of the men.  We decided to have lunch in the dining room today.  Ray had a tournament and I tried to nap before watercolor class.  I took to long in art class and missed putting.

  IMG_1786 IMG_1796  

    Today I tried my hand at painting “The Rock of Gibraltar”.  The other days I tried a penguin and a beach scene.  Right now I am typing up in the cafe while waiting for a sunset.  There are clouds on the horizon, so no photo tonight.  There will be no regular entertainment tonight because the juggler/comedian missed the boat in Santa Cruz, La Palma.  They are showing the movie “The Bourne Ultimatum” instead in the Cinema.   After dinner I played cards with Chris and Alan.  They taught me Cribbage and Whist and I tried to teach them golf.  At 10:30 there was the guest talent show and their awards ceremony.  Three sisters from South Africa won the talent show.  There were only 3 entries and some joke tellers.  I’ve seen better passenger talent shows, but it was okay.  Tonight is the last night we set the clocks back one hour.

IMG_1797  IMG_1800

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