Atlantic Ocean, December 12, 2008

     Sunrise is 5:22 am and sunset is 4:09 pm today.  I didn’t go to the 8 am craft class as they were making masks.  I decided I would spend my time at the pool this morning.  Ray was wandering, a little bit of this and that.  He observed the madhouse at the sales on board.  It was getting hot on deck so I put my foot in the pool and then went to the hot tub.  One was too hot but the next was just right.  I then went back and sat and got hot again.  I sat at the side of the pool and put my feet in.  COLD!  After a few minutes it felt okay and a lady in the pool talked me into joining her.  We did some water aerobics together.  Ray came by and we decided to meet at noon for lunch.   I had painting at 2:30 and a computer class at 5:15.  After dinner Ray went off for his last tournament and I chatted with Chris and Allen.  Our show tonight was Jack Walker and Vincenzo Gentile again.  They did a duo for their last number.  Excellent.  We do not have to turn our clocks back tonight.  Ray went to see “American Gangster” and I am typing this and relaxing.  It is just so nice to come back to the room and see it all cleaned up and the covers turned down.  This I will miss.

     P.S. to Thursday, the eleventh.  They had their chocolate lovers dessert display in the Crystal Room at 11:30 pm last night.  I had to go get the camera, so a lot of the food was gone because it started just as the show ended.  They had a few nice ice carvings.

IMG_1806    IMG_1808

     This is Ray and the Fortune Casino.

 IMG_1814 IMG_1818

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