Atlantic Ocean, December 13, 2008

     We awoke a bit late to a cloudy rainy morning, even heard a little thunder.  It did clear up later.  Only 2 more days of sailing.

IMG_1820 Stitch,  rainy

  I enjoyed the activities on the Amsterdam a bit better for a long cruise.  I decided to go to the Battle of the Sexes instead of the “Shop Till We Dock” sale.  Some passengers are nuts!  At the sweatshirt sale yesterday, someone grabbed a whole pile of shirts and said they’re mine!  Pushing and shoving.  Ray went to look.  Most of it was old stock from the Bahamas.  Ray also checked out the flower arranging and then went to the Culinary Cook-off Competition in the Celebrity Theater.  I went to an advanced digital seminar and picked up a few more tips on camera.  We went to lunch and Ray finally tried the stir fry and loved it.  We then watched an ice carving and it started to rain a little bit. 

IMG_1827 IMG_1830 IMG_1833

     They then had the big splash competition.  I went to the last class for water color painting and I think Ray did some putting.  Tonight was the last formal dinner and they served lobster and beef Wellington.   There was Baked Alaska for dessert.  Nixon and Jorge are below.

 IMG_1846  IMG_1856

There was another sale in the shops tonight.  The show tonight was the production crew performing Liverpool Knights.  The kids have a lot of energy, but the sound was way too loud.  The Adage Duo of Gilles and Laure performed again.  They are wonderful.  Clocks stayed the same tonight.

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