Atlantic Ocean, December 14, 2008

     Well here we are on the last sea day of a wonderful cruise.  We’ve seen many different things and met many different people.    We opted for the dining room this morning and had a good conversation with others at our table.  The shops had another sale going on  I went to the final battle of the sexes trivia and the ladies pulled it out at the end.  We then pulled out the suitcases and did a lot of packing.  We went down to collect our photos and DVD of the cruise.  We packed some more and then went to lunch.  Ray went for his last tournament, they made them half price today.  I went to pick up my “paintings.”  I didn’t hang around to see if anyone wanted to purchase one, some were beautiful!

IMG_1860 IMG_1871

These are mine.

IMG_1878 IMG_1876

IMG_1879 IMG_1880

IMG_1875 IMG_1877

     The rest of the day was spent filling out forms and packing.  I have some minutes to finish using on the Internet.  Tonight is the night we hand out the gratuity envelopes to the staff.  Our luggage has to be out by 10 pm, which is earlier than usual.  We have to meet at 8:40 am in the Rendez Vous Lounge for departure.  We will have a long wait in Miami Airport for our 5:20 flight.

     The entertainment tonight is called “Farewell Variety Holiday” with groups from the ship because the entertainer didn’t make the ship.  I wanted to get a little sun today, but it is mostly cloudy.  We still have some things to pack.  I am going to publish this now because I don’t think anything earth shattering will happen before this day is out.  We don’t know what is going on in the world because CNN has been off for the last 4 or 5 days.  I hope you enjoyed reading about our travels and seeing our pictures.  I will update this with pictures from the Rose Parade in January.

One Response to “Atlantic Ocean, December 14, 2008”

  1. mabr31419 Says:

    Your paintings are terrific! I love the Santa! Looks like you and Dad are thoroughly enjoying yourselves. I miss you both. The parade looked spectacular on TV. I bet it was beautiful in person.
    Love to you both,

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