Rose Parade, January 1,2009

      Four AM seemed to arrive very early.  All went well and we left for Pasadena at 6 AM.  Traffic was great until we got close to Colorado Boulevard.  We had about 1/2 mile to walk to get to our seats.  We passed the many that slept on the street to get a free spot to watch the parade.  It was cold as we walked to our seats around 7:30 from the parking lot.

IMG_2204 IMG_2205

Yes, those are bodies in the sleeping bags.  I know it was worth it for them because the parade was spectacular.  I hope you watched it on TV.  Here are just a few of the floats.

 IMG_2228 IMG_2246

IMG_2256 IMG_2263

IMG_2278 IMG_2280

 IMG_2302 IMG_2344

     The parade was delayed a little bit just up the street from where we were sitting.  We don’t know what happened, but there were people crowded around someone and there was an ambulance.  The parade eventually went around them.  We kept looking at our watches because Carnival wanted us to board by 2:30.  Traffic was a nightmare in the immediate area and the driver went through a very nice residential neighborhood to avoid the congestion.

 IMG_2409 IMG_2410

     We arrived at the dock at 2:45 PM.  The baggage handlers were gone, but we had just the 2 carry-ons and the satchel.  There was a very short line to check-in.  Our cabin is M187.  We started to unpack, but then had to go to our Muster station on the Lido Deck.  We sat there for 37 minutes and didn’t have to put on our jacket or give them our cabin number.  I think it was the worst safety drill we’ve been to.  I’m glad it wasn’t my first cruise.

     The lounge we had decided to meet with Cruise Critics turned out to be the place they were signing up all the kids for Camp Carnival.  We did connect with 2 other couples in Gatsby’s.  We chatted for  bit and then went to dinner.  Dinner was in the Inspiration Dining Room Aft, #225.  We sat with 6 others from the tour so it was a great table.  The Welcome Aboard show was not until 10:30 PM, but we managed to stay awake.  The dancers performed, 6 people from the audience were selected to learn a “dance” and there was a comedian, Paul Lyons.  Jason Stinnette is the Cruise Director.

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