At Sea, January 2, 2009

     We had breakfast in the dining room this morning.  To get to the Imagination dining room, you have to go all the way forward.  They won’t let you in the door mid-ship.  We can go up the aft elevators for our evening dining room.  The galley is between them, so that stops traffic.  We stayed a little longer because we were talking with the others at the table.  We went to a golf seminar and I talked Ray into playing golf tomorrow at Cabo del Sol on the Desert Course.  It wasn’t hard to convince him.  We watched the “water wars”.  Kids would put a water balloon in a giant slingshot and aim for each other.  The pool and hot tubs were loaded with kids.  We wanted to get in the mini golf tournament but they ran out of golf balls.  We went for lunch instead!  Ray took a golf lesson and I watched a little of the Men’s Hairy Chest contest and then went to the battle of the sexes.  Besides trivia, they had a few cute games that involved numerals and letters.  The Marriage Game was held this afternoon and was entertaining, a few new questions.

     Tonight is Cruise Elegant Night complete with lobster tail and prime rib.  It was delicious.  The entertainment tonight was called Rhythm with the Elation Dancers.  They sure had energy!  We went to the casino for a bit and then went to an adult comedy show with Paul Lyons.  Ray called in for a 6 AM wake up call for his golf.

IMG_2419 IMG_2421

 IMG_2422 IMG_2423

 IMG_2549 IMG_2424

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