Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, Saturday, Jan. 3, 2009

      Ray was up before 6 to get ready to play golf.  I was going to sleep in, but that didn’t work.  I put my bathing suit on so I could get upstairs quickly to get a picture of El Arco.  It’s one of the last 2 rocks that mark “land’s end.”  El Arco is a big rock with a wide arch cut through it by generations of tides and sea.  I have 12 pictures of it taken throughout the day.

IMG_2458  IMG_2538

     Ray’s group was the first one off at 8  am.  I went to breakfast in the dining room and then went to get off about 10.  I thought most people would be off by then.  Wrong!  I was in line for 35 minutes for the tender and the line kept getting longer behind me.  My goal ashore was to find a wireless connection so I could post a few blogs.  I found one in a new mall.  It’s called Caffe di Amore.  They gave me the code and did not expect me to buy any thing.  I was glad because I didn’t want to drink any thing made with water.

 IMG_2481 IMG_2485

     The waterfront was clean and they were constructing new buildings.  People would come up and ask you to buy something, but if you said, No, thank you, they left you alone.

IMG_2488 Stitch Cabo center

 IMG_2495 IMG_2543

     The entertainment tonight was a hypnotist.  Most of the volunteers stayed on stage and went under.  It is so funny to watch them do silly things.  Even if some of them were faking it on stage it was still a good show.

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