Carnival Splendor, Saturday, January 31, 2009

     We arrived at the port about noon.  The line was long, but it was moving right along.  We had to show our Brazilian Visa before they would let us in the door.  Security was very quick.  Our table for dinner is 316 in the Gold Pearl Lower floor at 5:45 PM for 6 people.  We went up to the Lido for lunch, as the rooms will not be ready until 1:30.  We then took a little tour and unpacked our carry-on bags.  One of our large bags arrived, so we unpacked that and were waiting for the call to Muster at 4.  We heard nothing, so went to our station at 4.  No one was there and then there was an announcement made that it was postponed.  We were to meet with the Salsas Cruise Critic group after Muster, so we put away our life jackets and went up to the Lido to see if anyone was there.  There were a few, and we were also wondering why we hadn’t left port.  The rumors started going around and then there was an announcement that the port was closed and it would be a while before we left.  Someone had noticed some luggage lined up on the dock with bomb robots and dogs checking them out.  Someone said there was a bomb threat.  They had the open deck blocked off so you couldn’t look over the side.  Then there was an announcement that there was a “security breach”.   Then there was an announcement that the port was open and there was nothing to worry about, but it would take a while to finish loading the food, luggage and passengers aboard.  Turns out, the people waiting to get on the ship had to evacuate the building and all the luggage was just left sitting on the pier while the bags were checked out.  We finally sailed about 8:30 PM.  Some didn’t get aboard until 8:00.  Found out on Sunday that while the bags were being x-rayed getting on the ship, it was reported there was something suspicious in it.

     We went to see the movie”Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull” on the big screen by the pool.  It was a little chilly so I had to go get my jacket.  We then went to the Spectacular Lounge for Bingo and the Welcome Aboard Show.  It was the same show we saw on the Elation.  The Cruise Director is “Goose”.  Our other bag arrived, so we unpacked.  I went to bed and Ray headed for the Casino.

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