At Sea, Super Bowl Sunday, February 1 2009

     We had to set our clocks ahead one hour last night, so it was a little harder to get up this morning.  The bed is very comfortable.   We went up to the Lido for breakfast this morning.  It will take a while to get used to where they have everything.  The Lido is quite large and there are two buffet areas.  I was a little late getting to the Arts & Crafts, but it was canceled because we had to have the Muster drill at 10 am.  They told us 10, but alarm didn’t sound until 10:15.  I think it was delayed because there was a shopping ashore talk going on in the Spectacular Lounge.  After returning our life jackets we took a little tour of the ship.  I found a few CC friends in the Aft Bar and picked up our name tags.  After lunch I went to crocheting with Lauren, but Lauren was not feeling well, so she canceled class.  The Cruise Critic group met for a Meet & Mingle at 2 PM in the Lobby Bar on deck 3.  It wasn’t the best place because there was a piano player trying to play, folks at the cruise excursion desk and others at the pursers desk.  The group was so large it was hard to meet everyone.  Gail gave sheets to us listing tours we signed up to take with her or others.  I met Ed, who is running our Rio tour.  I laid down to try to nap and put my legs up and Ray went to the Casino.

IMG_2735  IMG_2750

Left:  Cabin 7331                             Right:  Ray at Cruise Critic M& M

     Our other table mates came to dinner tonight.  They were among the passengers stranded on the dock yesterday.  They said the worst part was having to stand for so long before they let them in the other terminal.  They had already been waiting at least an hour on line for check-in.  After dinner we went upstairs to watch the Super Bowl Game on the Seaside big screen at the pool.  They were also showing the game at the Spectacular Theatre and the Red Carpet Disco.  As you know, it was a good game.  They sold pop corn for $1.50. 

IMG_2738  IMG_2757

Left:  Ray at  Casino                              Right:  Towel Critter

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