At Sea, Monday, February 2, 2009

     Ray decided to sleep in this morning so I headed up to the Lido for breakfast.  Our room is in a great location, just 2 floors away from the Lido and the pool.  It was raining a little this morning and then cleared up.  After breakfast with a lovely woman I met, I went down to the El Morocco for Arts and Crafts.  Trivia was still going on so I decided to go online and publish my last post.  I then realized I didn’t have the instruction sheet as to how to log off.  If you just close the browser and turn off your computer, you are still logged on and it is using up minutes.  I had to rush to the middle of the ship and go down one level to the Web and get help.  Fabian checked my account and sure enough I was still logged on.  I’m glad I wasn’t up in the cabin when I did that!  We put some glitter glue on a visor in craft class.  I then went up to the Lido to meet Grace and learn how to crochet a dishcloth.  I had to rip out what I did, but I think I have it down now.

 IMG_2758   Crochet Class

     I went looking for Ray and we met up in the Lido and decided to go down to the dining room for lunch.  It’s nice to meet other passengers and sit and relax.  I went back to the room to put my feet up and redo my crocheting.  I went to the “free fun facial bar” which was a chance for the gals in the spa to sell us their wares. 

     Before dinner tonight was the Captain’s Elegant Reception” because it is formal night.  It was mobbed and I didn’t get to see the captain, so I asked Goose to introduce us.  I told the Captain he was so young for such a large ship and he said “Young?  I am 44.”  I said yes, young.  The “regular” Captain will be returning tomorrow.  Ray had 3 lobster tails for dinner and I had the best prime rib.  After dinner I danced with Geofrey, our waiter during their “show”.  The show tonight was packed!  A great show called Fiesta Latina starring the Carnival Splendor Dancers and the vocals of Ling Ling & Lawrence Neals.  We went to the casino, I had a little luck and then Ray went to play poker.  I caught the end of the Bachelor.  It started on our TV at 10 PM.  There was a towel elephant on our bed tonight.  The seas looked kind of rough all day, but we’ve had a smooth ride.  They had the top of the pool open tonight and it was nice out.  Kung Fu Panda was the movie.

  IMG_2761 IMG_2762

Beckey and Dennis                                  Janet

 IMG_2763 IMG_2764

            Dorett                                      Ray & Susan

 IMG_2765       IMG_2766

Geofrey & Susan & Ray                             Towel Critter

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