Roseau, Dominica, Tuesday, February 3, 2009

     We’re not due in Dominica until noon, so we went to the dining room for breakfast.  As usual we ended up taking longer for breakfast because we were talking.  We’ve had the good fortune to sit with nice people. 

IMG_2767 Stitch Domminica

We thought we waited long enough to get off the ship, but ended up waiting on the stairs.  Outside it was a zoo trying to find the shuttle into town.  We were supposed to be right in the middle of town, but there was another Carnival ship docked there.  They did not make an announcement that we were at the far dock.  I happened to be on deck when we docked and noticed it.  They kept telling people the center was just outside the gates.  I told some passing us that it would not be a nice walk to town and they thanked me. 

IMG_2774  IMG_2775

     The capital city of Roseau was not so rosy.  The streets are in bad condition and all the stands were selling the same thing.  I read online this was a good stop to buy flowers for the cabin.  Wrong!  The market was closed today and I was told flowers were sold on Fridays.  We took the shuttle back to the pier.  The shuttle was $2. per person each way.  When we got back to the pier a lady with a cane passed us and asked about shopping outside the gate.  When we told her you had to take a shuttle she was happy she met us.  She mentioned the stands in a warehouse at the dock that we didn’t even notice on our way out.  They were selling the same things as they were in town.  Dennis and Becky took a tour and told us the interior of the island was pretty, although it was raining at one point so they didn’t get out of the cab.

IMG_2778  IMG_2782

     The show lounge was packed again which featured a musical journey with the sensational vocals of Jamila.  She was sensational.  She used to sing with the 5th Dimension.  I watched some of the Biggest Loser while working on my dishcloth.  I finished it, but it is in poor shape.  There was a dinosaur on our bed tonight.

IMG_2781 IMG_2784

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