Bridgetown, Barbados, Wednesday, Feb. 4, 2009

     Ray had an early wake-up call today for 5:30 because he was going to be the first off with a group to play golf at the Barbados Golf Club in Durants.  Unfortunately we did not arrive at 7 as planned, but 8.  I tried to sleep in with no luck.  Seeing as I did not find flowers in Dominica I thought I would try in Barbados.  The terminal was a lot nicer here with a lot of the bigger shops.  I got on the shuttle, $2 each way, to the town center.  The driver gave me wrong directions and I ended up in the back streets so I had to back-track out to the main street.  I found a florist in a mall near the end of the street and got a lovely arrangement.


It is hard to get a picture of the Splendor because she is so long.  I was able to take this one from the pier.


When I got back on board I decided to try the pool.  The water was very chilly, but I managed to get in.  Getting out was the hard part with my shoulder being sore.  At least I was able to exercise it a little in the pool.  Then I went in the hot tub.  It felt so good.  When I got out I thought I would freeze to death because of the wind.  I dried off very quickly.  We were supposed to leave at 4 but pulled out about 5:30.  The passengers that did not have a visa for Brazil boarded the ship today.  Ray met one and she said it cost her about $2,000 to catch up with the ship after getting the visa in Miami.

IMG_2801  IMG_2793

 IMG_2802 Stitch Barbados

 IMG_2824 Stitch Barbados

     Showtime tonight was Jerry Goodspeed, a wonderful and talented ventriloquist.  He did 2 voices at the same time.  There was a Pirate Deck Party on the Lido which we did not attend.  A dog was waiting for us in the room.

IMG_2832 IMG_2835

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