At Sea, Friday, February 6, 2009 ~ Day 7

     P.S. for Wednesday.  Ray shot a 95 at the Barbados Golf Club and played with someone who brought his own clubs and is going to play 14 times.  We met him while waiting on line to get on the ship.

     We got up a little late today and went for a quick breakfast at 9.  It was raining and we continued to have liquid sunshine all through the day.    I went to arts and crafts to continue working on my sign and sail/passport holder.  We met in the Lido and then went down to the Golden Pearl Restaurant for lunch.  We ended up with some CC people and a couple that sailed the last half of our AAP cruise in 2007.  I went to crochet class and Ray went to the Spanish and Portuguese lessons.  I went back to the room to warm up and worked on my projects.  Dinner was good, again, and then we went to get a seat for the show.  Our table seems to get finished later than others.  Tonight’s show was the action comedy of Michael James.  He used to work with the flying Wolendos.  He juggled, etc.  The highlight was when he brought a women on stage, put her on his shoulders and rode a unicycle!  That woman had guts!  We were sitting in the back, but I think she was at least over 60 and not stick thin.  ( I saw him getting off the ship a few days later and asked if she was a plant.  He said no, and only one woman ever said no and she was 3 months pregnant.)    It was a good show.  Not too much to write about today.  It was raining most of the day and cloudy, so I didn’t miss not going outside.  I finished the second row of my scarf.  When I got near the outside doors, it was very muggy.  We cross the equator tomorrow around 1, so I guess hot and muggy is to be expected.  Most of the areas on the ship are cold.  There was a sting ray on the bed tonight.


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