Crossing the Equator, Saturday, February 7, 2009

      Today is day eight.  In arts and crafts today we made jingle blocks for an orphanage.  They are worked on 6 squares of plastic with a bell put inside before the last side is finished.  I finally completed my passport/card holder.  We didn’t have crocheting today because of the ceremony for crossing the equator.  The first timers thought it was great, but it was much better on the Amsterdam.  The pool area was packed!  King Neptune made an appearance.

Crossing the Equator N-S Crossing the Equator N-S

     Our entertainment this evening was the very funny comedy of Frank Del Pizzo.  He said he was going to Karaoke tonight and would sing with the singer from a few nights ago, so we went.  They were having auditions for  Brittany Spears and Elton John, but there were no takers.  There were a few pax that sang, but mostly the entertainers.  Everyone had a good time and I stayed for almost 2 hours!

 IMG_2862  IMG_2865

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