Fortaleza Brazil, Sunday, February 8, 2009~Day 9

      Our port time here is 7 am to 6 pm.  This is the information given to us:  “Located just below the equator, Fortaleza (Portuguese for fortress) is one of Brazil’s largest cities, with lovely urban beaches, a rich cultural tradition of visual arts, music, folklore, and popular festivals.  Fortaleza is the state capital of Ceara, located in North-Eastern Brazil.  $1.00 US equals about R$2.30.  Brazilian money is called Real.  It is tropical, hot and dry with an average of 90 degrees.  The port is about 8 km from town.  There is a shuttle to town for $10 pp round trip.  However, many shops will be closed on Sunday and the central market closes at 1 pm.  There is an ATM on the pier.  They say public transportation is not recommended and they do not recommend walking outside the pier area.  Take a taxi or shuttle.  English is not widely spoken.” 

     IMG_2884 Stitch Fortaleza

We did not see the ATM on the pier.  There was a shuttle to the Stern jewelry store, so we took that.  The store was on the beach in a lovely hotel, but very small.  We took a little walk along the beach.  It was very hot with a good breeze. 

IMG_2867 IMG_2875

IMG_2895 IMG_2894

     They were selling sugar cane and coconuts along the beach.  Found an information booth and found out the ATM was about a 15 minute walk away from the beach.  We decided against it and headed back to the store for a ride back to the ship.  While walking along the beach, I had my camera in my hand when we passed some policemen.  In sign language, they told me to put it out of sight.  While we were sitting on a bench, a man sat down next to me and said “Bom Dia”.  I returned the greeting and was glad I could understand him.  (Good Morning)  He was selling pins, but didn’t even ask us if we wanted one.

 IMG_2879 Stitch Fortaleza

     Back at the pier, there were a few things for sale and soda.  Neither of us had any money, so Ray went to the room for it and I went for the soda. 

IMG_2903 IMG_2907

IMG_2902 IMG_2844

     After lunch there was a Mini Golf Tournament.  I came in second and Ray came in second to last.  I’m trying not to stay in the sun too much so I don’t burn.  The sun tan lotion I have makes my skin break out.  Ray has a bit of a cold.  Something happened to our safe and it wouldn’t open.  Ray waited for them to fix it while I went down to dinner.  It took a while for someone to come, so Ray went to the Lido for dinner and then to bed early.  I went to the show lounge with my crafts.  The band was playing big band sounds for dancing and then there was a game show, Beat the Clock which was a battle of the sexes.  The women won.  The band played some more and then it was time for the Love & Romance game based on the Newlywed Game.  They chose 3 good couples.  It was funny and entertaining.

IMG_2910  Good Night!


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