Recife, Brazil, February 10, 2009 ~ Day 11

     We arrived in Recife at 7 AM.  Many left on early tours.  I went upstairs to the Lido for coffee until Ray woke up.  I guess it was around 10 or so when we got off the ship.  We decided to take the ship’s shuttle to the drop-off point in town.  We are at a commercial port.  There were very energetic dancers to greet us on the dock.

IMG_2935 IMG_2936

     A man from the Mayor’s office got on the bus at the drop-off point to tell us not to get in cabs with the men waiting on the sidewalk, but to cross the street to the registered cabs.  Across the street there was also a new little mall so we opted for that instead of a ride to Olinda.  I found blue earrings in a shop and also some interesting tulips.  We also found an ATM machine.  Lots of things for Carnivale.

IMG_2947  IMG_2955

IMG_2938 Stitch  Recife

     A city of rivers and bridges, Recife is a historic settlement known as the “Venice of Brazil” that offers a fascinating mixture of a modern metropolis and a tropical beach resort.  Recife is the state capital of the Pernambulo state.  It is a blend of Portuguese and Dutch influences with many fine buildings, bridges and forts.  The average temperature is 90 degrees and it had to be at least that today.

     We went back to the ship and then took the shuttle to the Stern jewelry store.  On the way a bomb squad truck passed us.  Someone in the van said, gee, isn’t this how we started our cruise?  We took some pictures, looked at exquisite jewelry and headed back to the ship for lunch a little after 2.  All along the beach there were little hut selling coconuts.

 IMG_2956  IMG_2959

Bomb Squad Truck                           Man Power

 IMG_2960 IMG_2969

Waterfront Condos                          School Bus

IMG_2967  IMG_2982

Beach opposite Stern’s                     Drink Hut on beach

     There were lots of good choices on the menu tonight.  The Maitre d’ came by and I mentioned it to him.  He said that’s how they keep costs down because everyone can’t eat 3 entrees.  Ken is a great singer.  Ray and I had, what else, veal parm.  The show tonight was changed to Daniel Dushay (sp?) who sang and played the guitar.  We looked at a lot of earrings in the ship’s store.  Froggy was waiting for us.


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