At Sea, Day 12, Wednesday, February 11, 2009

     I was up earlier than Ray again and went up for breakfast so I could be at crafts by 9:30.  That’s what time Ray got up.  We made beaded bracelets today.  The Lido deck had all kinds of chocolate desserts at lunch.  Ray went to a cooking demonstration.    It was around 82 degrees at lunchtime and sunny.  We are moving slowly (9 knots) and the seas are calm.  My scarf is finished, just have to tie up the ends.  I don’t think I will bother with fringe.  Our new project in crochet class is a potholder.  I tried it without much luck.  I ripped it out and think I will try a dishcloth.  It isn’t really the right yarn, so I think I will make it with the cotton yarn I brought with me.  Dorett and Janet are going to the Pinnacle again on Friday, so I asked Lauren if she wanted to join us at dinner.  I wanted to get on line this afternoon during happy hour, but so did everyone else and I couldn’t get connected.

     Sunrise was at 5:42 am and sunset at 5:57 pm.  We have to set our clocks forward again tonight, but I don’t know why.  We have passed the eastern most point of South America.  They gave us a paper at the beginning of this leg of our cruise saying there would be 3 time changes, each one forward.  Maybe they have something like our daylight savings time because it is there summer.  I will have to look it up on the Internet when I get home.

     Tonight’s entertainment is Game Show Mania, Liar’s Club and the Passenger Talent Show.  They did a good job with all three.  We had some good laughs and great entertainment.  One of the new things we saw was the story of the 3 bears and their house acted out with passengers.  It was very funny


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