Salvador, Brazil, Day 13, February 12, 2009

       We finally have a port in which we can walk off the ship and be in the heart of town.  I forgot the map, which would not have helped, but we were given wrong directions to the elevator to reach the upper part of down.  It was sort of neat though, we passed a few fabric stores which I enjoyed.  We also saw the cross at the upper part of town.

IMG_3003  IMG_3004

When we reached the correct area, there was a huge building which housed many little shops called the Mercado Modelo.  They had some clothes made from pop tops of soda/beer cans crocheted into clothing for Carnivale.  We spent about an hour looking around.

IMG_3006  IMG_3008

     We took the Elevador Lacerda to the upper city which cost BR$.5 which is about 2 1/2 cents.  There was a big square at the top with some kind of rally going on.  They were inside a tape, which moved down the street with them, and there was a band playing.  There was a nice look-out spot.

IMG_3014 Stitch Salvador

     Down the street and around the corner was another square with churches all around it.  We went to see the church and convent of Saint Francis.  It was beautiful.  It is one of the best models of the first age of the Baro style, or as it is usually called “the colonial style”.   The carvings are completely covered with gold leaf and give the impression of a Golden Church.  It was built in the 1730’s and 1740’s.

IMG_3040  IMG_3037

    Outside there were vendors and ladies in dresses of the old style with big hoop skirts.  It was very hot.  The street was very hard to walk on.

IMG_3024 IMG_3028

IMG_3046 IMG_3051

      We went back down the elevator and looked around at the stalls outside and then walked back to the ship.  It felt so good to get back to the ship and sit down.

IMG_3057 IMG_3064

     Our evening entertainment was by Bond, Tommy Bond that is.  He is a terrific piano player that played all sorts of music.  No notes as to which song came next and no music.  Very entertaining.


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