Buenos Aires, Day 19, 2/18/09

     We missed the Folkloric show they brought aboard last night while we were at the tango show.  We watched it on TV later.

     Sunrise was 7:30 a.m.  Marie organized today’s tour with Defrantur.  It was the same group as yesterday.  The guide said we had extra time before the Estancia tour, so we drove around the city back to the steel flower and then to a beautiful rose park/garden.

IMG_3564 IMG_3574

     We stopped at a gas station/gift shop on the way to Estancia Santa Susana.  When we arrived at the ranch we were given an orange drink and an empanadas criolls.  It was hot and very good.  Ray went for a horse ride and I went for a buggy ride.  They didn’t have any stools or steps to get on the horse.  It was very hot.

IMG_3592 IMG_3596

They were cooking lunch when we arrived.

IMG_3583 IMG_3584

IMG_3587 IMG_3605

     We had to be back at the ship at 4:30 so we had to leave the ranch at 3.  We missed the Gaucho show, which is what we really wanted to see.  As we found out, there was an earlier show we could have gone to instead of going to the rose garden, but our guide had trouble answering questions.  It was a good thing we left when we did because the tire lost its retread on the way home and the driver had to change the tire.  We arrived at the ship at 4:30.  We were to sail at 5.  As it turns out,  a ship’s tour must have been caught in traffic because once again we left port late.  We had a lifeboat drill at 4:45.  Sunset was at 8:44 pm.

IMG_3612 IMG_3618

     We met our new table mates Sarah and Ray.  The other 2 couples were missing.  It was fun to watch the waiters dance.  It’s amazing how they were able to get up on the serving tables to dance.  Our show tonight was the amazing balancing acts of Lubo & Lucy.  It was a long day.

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