Ushuaia, Argentina, Day 25, Tuesday, 2/24/09

  IMG_3857 Stitch Ushuaia   

“Little can prepare you for your arrival into the southernmost city in the world, the city closest to Antarctica, the city bordered by the last peaks of the Andes mountains and the Beagle Channel (named for Charles Darwin’s ship, HMS Beagle), the city surrounded by lakes an bays, forests and glaciers, the city in which a sunset can bring tears to your eyes and make believers out of heretics.  This is Ushuaia, a one-time penal colony, Fin del Mundo, the end of the earth.”

     “Tierra del Fuego (Land of Fire) is an archipelago located at the southernmost tip of the South American continent.  It’s bisected and divided; part belongs to Chile and part belongs to Argentina.  It got its name from the fires that the Indians had all along the shore.”

     Ray was up and out early to play golf at El Ushuaia Golf Club, the southernmost golf course in the world.  The weather was perfect.  Unfortunately, there were no golf carts, he had to walk.  He shot 100.

Ushuaia Golf Club Ushuaia Golf Club

     My goal was to get my hair done.  I set out to find the place a guy from Puerto Madryn told me about.  I found it and the guy did not speak much English.  He was from Russia.  My hair is a little shorter than I like, but it will grow.  It was $10.  The shampoo alone was worth it.  Ushuaia is a cute little town.  Some say it is like Sitka, Alaska and I would agree.  I felt very safe walking around.  Shopped a little an then found an Internet store for $3. an hour.  I went back to the ship around 1:30, thinking Ray would be back from golf.  I didn’t know he had to walk the course.  He got back around 3, too late to go ashore again.  We were to sail at 4.  We did not sail until 10 or so at night.  They told us the winds were too strong, but two other ships left while we sat there.  It would have been nice if they had let us go off the ship again.

IMG_3863 IMG_3862

IMG_3867 IMG_3881

     Tonight’s entertainment was a variety show of our last 3 entertainers.  (I lost the sheet for Ushuaia so I don’t have their names.)

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