Day 26, Scenic Cruising, Wednesday, 2/25/09

       Today we were supposed to visit Punto Arenas, but they canceled it because we left so late from Ushuaia last night.  Many were upset because they had planned to see the penguins today. 

IMG_3893 Stitch


IMG_3897 Stitch

     Our morning was filled with beautiful scenery.  We cruised through the Straight of Magellan.  It comprises a navigable sea route immediately south of mainland Chile an north of Isla Grande de Tierra del Fuego.  The waterway is the most important natural passage between the Pacific and the Atlantic oceans, but is considered a difficult route to navigate because of the inhospitable climate and the narrowness of the passage.  The straight is approximately 570 km long and is about 2 km wide at its narrowest point.

 IMG_3902 IMG_3904 IMG_3908 IMG_3911

     We did stop in the bay to pick up performers.  It seemed very cruel to bring us so close and not let us get off.  The ship said Chile would not let us off.


     On our way back out of the inlet and on our way again, we passed the Southern Cross which marked the southernmost point of the South American Continent mainland.


     Our entertainment was an encore performance of Fiesta Latina with the Carnival Splendor Dancers.


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