Puerto Montt, Chile, Saturday, February 28, 2009

     Sunrise 7:31 am / Sunset 8:37 pm

     We are in port today from 7 am to 8 pm.  Puerto Montt was founded in 1853 by German immigrants and was named after the then President Manuel Montt.  Puerto Montt is the capital of Chile’s Southern Lake District and South Chile’s fastest growing city because of the explosive growth of salmon culture.  The Chilean Peso exchange is around US$1 to Peso 600.  This was a tender port and all went well for us.  Some were on with a new pilot and had trouble getting close to the dock.  It was raining when some got on late in the afternoon and it took about an hour for their boat to reach the ship for a 15 minute ride.  This is the arrival pier.

  IMG_3965 IMG_3966

     We decided to walk into town, approximately 2 km.   We passed a man walking a llama.  There were many dogs sleeping all over.

 IMG_3967 IMG_3968

 IMG_3969 IMG_3971

 IMG_3973 IMG_3974

We went looking for AAAA batteries for my hearing aid control, but to no avail.  We did find an Internet for $1. for 1 hour.  We went into a little mall and found an ATM so we got some Pesos.  We went into the supermarket and got some snacks and then to the candy stall where Ray found dried pineapple and papaya.  The eggs were not refrigerated in the store, they were just on a shelf.  We went to a drug store to see if we could find something for another cold that Ray is getting.  I found fish oil pills.  He later found some Halls.  The downtown shops were limited for tourists.  We found a street mall with musicians, but shops started to close at 1. 


We didn’t go to the fish market which they said had dozens of stalls aimed at tourists.  We did go through a tent, but most of the stuff was hand crocheted clothing or hand made jewelry.  I didn’t like the T-shirts.  We decided to take the local bus back to the dock.  Had to hold out my hand with coins and let another person getting on the bus pick them out.  It was 350 Pesos each.  There were 2 prices on the outside of the bus, so we didn’t know in advance.  The driver understood me when I asked if he went to the navido and told us when to get off.  We had great weather in town and I carried my jacket most of the time.  The waterfront in Puerto Montt was rebuilt after the devastating earthquake of 1960 which destroyed the city’s port, church, and neighborhood of Angelmo.  I liked Ushuaia better than Puerto Montt.  You can see the old and the new in the 2 following pictures.

 IMG_3987 IMG_3994

Latin America’s ornate church architecture is nowhere to be found in the Lake District.  More typical of the region is Puerto Montt’s stark 1856 “Catedral”  The alerce-wood structure, modeled on the Pantheon in Paris, is the city’s oldest surviving building.  It was closed.  I took the picture from the ship.

 IMG_3976 IMG_3999

IMG_3989 Stitch

     We sailed on time tonight!  The entertainment was the variety comedy of Tyler Linkin.  He also juggled.

IMG_4006  IMG_4007

Anna and Mitchel.                              Our turtle.

One Response to “Puerto Montt, Chile, Saturday, February 28, 2009”

  1. grandammo Says:

    Looks like you guys are having a terrific time and seeing all the sights of South America. I am enjoying your blog and this way I have the opportunity to also see South America on your dime. I’m sure your way is much better but this will work for me for now. You two really have things down to a science, I guess the more you do it, the better you get at it! Have a great time and enjoy your next few weeks. Linda

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