South Pacific Ocean, Day 33, Wed., 3/4/09

     We slept in until 8:30 so I skipped breakfast to go to crafts.  I forgot it was the first sea day of a new cruise and we were making scissor holders again.  It is a good chance to chat with Linda and Janice.  Planned to leave early but stayed until about 11:15.  Found Ray and decided to meet for lunch.  I came down to rest (coughing a little better) but ended up typing blogs to catch up.  I could have taken a nap, but wanted to go to Mickey Live’s seminar on computer basics.  Linda tried to show me how to do mail off line, but we ran into trouble.  Ray came but Mickey skipped the basics and did part two about stuff I had trouble understanding. 

     Right after that we had planned to meet Becky and Dennis for mini golf.  We all scored the same on the back nine, but I won the front nine.  Two of our new table mates showed up, Bob and Carol from California.  They just got on the ship.

     We decided to skip the show tonight which was the show band playing 30 years of rock n roll.  We went to the casino and I won $99.10!  Played a little more and then came down to do this, read and get to bed early.  Ray even came in early and is watching Indiana Jones.  His cold is almost gone and I’m feeling better.


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