At Sea, Day 34, Thursday, March 5, 2009

     Sunrise 7:43 am / Sunset 8:05 pm  The Captain is Giorgio Pagano, the Hotel Director is Duncan Puttock and the Cruise Director is Goose.

     This has certainly been a cruise unlike no other.  We have heard many things and many rumors.  We have heard that 5 people have died and 1 crew member.  We heard a lady stole clothes from a dryer, was seen wearing the dress, confronted, and either let go, put in the brig or put off the ship.  We never heard the complete story about the “security breach” in Ft. Lauderdale.  We missed a port.  This morning during crafts there were many announcements looking for a man.  At 10:15 am or so, there was an announcement that a man was reported overboard and the ship had turned to look for him in the area he was last seen at 4:30 this morning.  We arrived in the area about 2:45 pm.  You can see from this picture how far we retraced our path and are starting to circle the area.  Some one said it was about 20 miles.  The Chilean Coast Guard was called in.  You can see the search plane.  There is also a boat in the area.  The ship is rolling now because we are going so slow.  Time for a Bonine.  At 5 pm we were still circling. 

IMG_4131 IMG_4132

     While on deck I spoke with a crew member and asked him about the death rumor.  He said 2 have died and no crew member.  He had not heard about the dress.  Many people have a tour planned to Machu Pichu tomorrow and are concerned about arriving in Arica on time.   I am running out of computer minutes on the ship and any time I stay on after it runs out will cost $.75 a minute.  It’s funny on shore it is $1 or $2 for an hour.  I am going to bring my computer ashore and hope to publish 5 days there. 

     The Captain had a wine and champagne reception before our formal dinner tonight.  We arrived just in time to get a drink and go to dinner.  Just after dinner started at 5:45 pm, Goose made an announcement that the Chilean officials had released us from search and rescue and we headed north. 

IMG_4140The waiters sang for us.

Just before the show started, an encore of “The Beat”, Goose announced we would arrive in Arica at 1 pm, 5 hours late.

  IMG_4141 Lobster or scorpion?

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