At Sea, Day 36, March 7, 2009

     Sunrise 6:58 am / Sunset 7:25 pm

I awoke about 3:15 this morning and when I looked at the TV there was a beautiful full moon reflected on the ocean.  I debated whether or not to put on my jacket and go to the front of the ship for a picture and decided to take a picture of the TV instead.  You still get the idea.


     Met with Linda and Janice again for crafts and had a good time.  I then went up by the pool for some sun.  It sure got hot.  I was crocheting for about 40 minutes when Ray came along.  We checked out the menu in the dining room and then decided to eat in our room and have a soda.  We then went to a photo seminar on the Canon Sephyl Printer.  It is a portable printer.  Some PAX were chosen by Canon to have one in their cabin to use for the cruise.  If you scrapbook it would be ideal.  I went to Mickey Live’s seminar on shopping.  He talked about what kind of electronics to buy.

     Our show was second tonight at 9 pm starring the stunning voice of soprano Jennifer Fair.  We usually go early and I either read or do crafts while I wait.  It was almost full and this lady asked me if they made any announcements.  I said no and she told me the first performance was canceled because Ms. Fair lost her voice.  At 9 Goose came out and told us it was canceled but that the band would play for dancing.  He did not remind us that the clocks go back 1 hour again tonight.  I liked the way HAL left a note on your bed about clocks.  We went to the casino and I broke even.  Ray is still there.


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