At Sea, Day 38, March 9, 2009

     Awoke at 8:45 this morning so had no time for breakfast and went right down to crafts.  Today they gave out kits for a book cover.  Went to eat and caught up with Ray just before noon.  He went to the Dr. this morning and the nurse gave him Theraflu to take.  He also went to Spanish class.  We split a sandwich for lunch and he went on the fantail for some sun and I went to the room.  Dennis called to play golf so I went to find Ray.  Could not find him so just the 3 of us played.  I lost.  Mickey Live had a showing of everyone’s favorite photo today.   There were some really good shots.  Mine will be in the next batch.  He is going to put them all together so we can  either download them or he’ll burn a CD.  Ray napped and I read then tried to nap before dinner.  This is a very rough life we are living. 

     We sang Happy Birthday to Dennis at dinner.  I took a video of Anna dancing at dinner.   I’m going to try to get her a copy so she can send it home.


     Our show tonight was the dancers and Christopher Alan Graves in a tribute to great gentlemen of song.

IMG_4381 IMG_4382



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