At Sea, Day 42, March 13, 2009

            Sunrise 6:28 am / Sunset 6:39 pm

     It is our second Friday the 13th on this cruise and some have called it the jinx cruise.  We’re still having a great time, however.  Just 8 days left of this extraordinary cruise!

     We had breakfast in the dining room with a couple from Vancouver and then I went up to crafts in the El Morocco Lounge.  See below.

 IMG_4487We made magnetic bookmarks today.  The 49’ers had another slot pull today at 11.  It was fun, but we didn’t win.  We had a little money left over at the end so we decided to play again on March 17th. 



Lunch in the Lido and then I went to Mickey’s seminar on digital cameras.  I went outside for a little bit to work on the back of my legs.  They have a long way to go to catch up with the front.  I did get redder than I thought.

     The entertainment was a repeat of Lawrence and Ling Ling singing, so Dennis, Becky, Ray and I went up to 10 to play Yahtzee.  Ray and Dennis have been going back and forth about giving each other strokes when they play golf tomorrow in Acapulco.  We stayed upstairs to watch Baby Mama on the Seaside Theatre.


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