St. Patrick’s Day At Sea, Day 46, 3/17/09

     Sunrise 7:23 am / Sunset 7:38 pm

     Today was a busy day.  Crafts at 9 as usual, luggage tags.  Debarkation/Immigration Talk with Goose at 10 and debarkation briefing with Legendary Journeys at 11.  The ship told us it seems the “US Immigration Inspectors in Long Beach want to process all guests and crew on our arrival.  This will be an extremely long process as well over 4000 people are onboard.  The operation will be conducted outside in the terminal.  ALL guests will need to present themselves with their passports.  Until all guests have been processed, authorities will not permit anybody to return onboard.  We strongly recommend that you make plans to visit some of the nearby attractions and plan to be outside for some considerable period.”  Maybe we should have planned a tour for that day.  Oh well.

     We had lunch in the dining room today.  Anna gave me back the thumb drive with the pictures and videos I had taken of her dancing.  She said she had a lot of fun looking at them.  The SALSAS 49’ers had their final slot pull today.  We had a good time, but lost.  Mickey Live had another Snapshot Rally.  We will get a free CD with all the pictures from guests tomorrow.

     Formal night tonight for dinner.  We had seen the show Vroom, so we went to the Lido and played Yahtzee.  Dennis was the overall winner after 12 games.  Ray stayed upstairs to watch Quantum of Solace on the Seaside Screen.  We turn our clocks back one hour tonight.

Ray, Anna, Chris and Susan

 IMG_4565 IMG_4577 IMG_4573 Stitch

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