Last Sea Day, Friday, March 20, 2009, Day 49

     Sunrise 7:08 am / Sunset 7:22 pm

     It is here already, the last day of the cruise.  I was up before Ray and went to the Lido for breakfast.  I brought Vladimir the photo album I put together for him.  I did go to crafts, mainly to say good-bye to Janice and Linda and to thank Martha and Barbara.  Bracelets were the order of the day.  We did a little packing before lunch.  Brought Anna a bag of stuff, she was working in the kitchen.  After lunch we spent a little time in the casino.  I hit a $100 bonus so I cashed in my card.  Put a few $’s in a machine and of course lost them.  Packed some more and then went to MickeyLive’s computer seminar.  It was a question and answer period.  At the end he mentioned all the birds we had seen and told us that the stork visited Becca and him in Barbados.  Back to the room for some more packing and a little rest.

      We brought the final bag of stuff to Anna at dinner.  Thanked Ken, Geofre, Vladimir, Chris and Anna with a little extra cash.  Our show tonight was Przemekk Kojtych playing the piano.  He is a regular on the ship.  He is very accomplished.  There is another show at 10 with Lawrence Neals singing, but we won’t be going.  When I finish this, I will finish packing.  On a cruise, you have to put your luggage out the night before and just keep clothes out for the next day and your carry-on.  We brought 2 large bags, 2 wheeled carry-ons and a hand satchel.  I think we will let them take the 2 large and one of the carry-on bags.  When I was taking the sign and flags off my cabin door, a man came by and said he admired the flags.  I gave him the paper and made his day.  We will be up early tomorrow and then wait to be called for our bus number 8.  We are taking a tour with LJ before we go to the  airport.











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