July 24, 2009, Hot 9 Lunch

      The Hot 9 consists of Linda, Janet, Lyla, Jane, Marilyn, Dottie, Barbara E, Barbara V, and myself, Susan.  Some of us got together for lunch at Dottie’s while Ray and I were in NJ for Ken’s party.  As always, we had a great time.

IMG_4901  IMG_4900

     In the photo on the left there is Marilyn and Janet in the front (left to right) and standing is Barb V, Lyla, Susan and Dottie.  Missing today is Jane, Linda, and Barbara E.  Some of us have known each other since Kindergarten and we all met while attending Lincoln Jr. High School in Kearny, NJ.  At one point we called ourselves the Hot 9 Plus 1 because we realized there were 10 of us!  Sadly, Ginny passed away 3 years ago.  We try to get together at least once a year.    Some more of the gals will get together August 27th while Linda is in NJ.

     This year we celebrate our 65th birthday!

IMG_4903  IMG_4898

     We celebrated our 50th birthday in the Poconos at Barbara E’s sister’s home.

     In January 2007 5 of us went on a Carnival Valor cruise.  From left to right: Dotie, Susan, Barb V, Linda and Jane.

scan0001  scan0002

     The above picture on the right was taken at my wedding in 1982.  From left to right:  Janet, Marilyn, Barb V, Linda, Susan, Jane, Lyla, Ginny, Dottie and Barbara E.

     This is a picture of us at the Thanksgiving Kearny/Nutley football game in 1961.  Missing in this picture is Barb V.  Some of us were twirlers.  From left to right in the front is Lyla, Janet, Barbara E, Ginny, Jane, Dottie and Marilyn.  In the second row Linda is between Lyla and Janet and Susan is between Janet and Barbara E.


     We’re not quite sure of how our Hot 9 name started, but we think it was from a Lincoln School Talent Show where we performed “The Yellow Rose of Texas”.  We are BFF!

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