Friday, Sept. 18, 2009 – Istanbul, Turkey

      We awoke about 7 am and went back to sleep until almost 10:30.  We had a small breakfast and then went exploring the ship for a little bit and back to the room to finish unpacking and organizing the cabin.  We explored a little more and then had fish and chips for lunch in the Garden Cafe.  We headed off for Goofy Golf Putting and the score to beat was 9.  I got 11 and Ray got 7.  We each got a mini-flashlight.  We were the only ones there!  We signed up in the casino.  The ship set sail, took some photos and I went to a digital photograph seminar while Ray entered a tournament.  This is Istanbul’s skyline.

IMG_4984 Stitch Istanbull

We were supposed to have the Meet & Greet today after the boat drill, but they had that yesterday and the make-up drill was today at 4:30.  At 3 I went to the meeting place, found Bob and then a few others and by 4 we had quite a group.  We met Coreen who organized out tour for tomorrow.    IMG_4995   IMG_4992

We had to leave for the boat drill.  We signed in and then I left to do some errands.  When I got back it was over and met Ray in the room.  We still haven’t gotten the safe fixed.

     At dinner we ate with a couple from Vancouver.  The dining room was empty.  We both had pork loin.  Tonight’s entertainment was the wild and crazy antics of Pete Mathews.  His zany comedy and amazing juggling skills had everyone laughing.  We had seen him before on another ship.  Ray went to the casino and I came to the room to write this.  We have an early day tomorrow.

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