Wednesday, Sept. 23, 2009 – At Sea

      Today was a lovely day at sea with lots going on.  There was a Turkish Bazaar, a Cruise Critic Meet and Greet, a Texas Hold ‘Em Tournament, a Latitudes Party, a camera seminar, Close Up Magic, and free card bingo.

     The CC Meet & Greet was lots of fun.  The Captain showed up!

Capt. IMG_5304

We also had the Hotel Manager, Iain the Cruise Director, Housekeeping and the Captain.  We had our gift exchange which was lots of fun because there was a lot of gift “stealing”, especially for the items from Australia.  There was a twist at the end where someone chose left or right and someone else chose a number and the gifts were then moved once more.

     I was the second highest number of cruises with NCL, so maybe I will win on the next cruise.  Ray lost in the tournament but had fun with the magic.  I learned a few more things about my camera.  We lost at Bingo.  Sunset view from our dining table.

IMG_5323 IMG_5326

    The entertainment was”Maestranza Spanish Ballet.  One guy and four gals performed sophisticated and modern dances featuring some with Arabic Flamenco influence, contemporary and Spanish classical dances with castanets.  It was unique and entertaining.  We then went to the Spinnaker Lounge for Deal or No Deal.  I put my name in, but wasn’t chosen.  The gal that was chosen had never seen the show.

IMG_5297 IMG_5298

IMG_5299 IMG_5331

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