Saturday, Sept. 26, 2009 – At Sea

     We slept in until 9:30 this morning and then had breakfast in the Blue Lagoon.  Ray’s knee was sore to say the least sitting down was the worst.  There were lots of things to do today, but I spent most of the day catching up on this blog.  We had tickets for the free cruise giveaway and Ray went, but we didn’t win it. 

     We went to the Grand Pacific Dining room for lunch but Ray didn’t like the menu so we went to the Blue Lagoon.  The names of rooms and decor are Hawaiian on this ship because it was made to do just Hawaii.  Ray went to Secrets Behind the Magic with Iain and I went looking for a 110 plug.  I ended up in the card room using the battery.

     Kathy made reservations in the Alizar Dining Room and 60 Cruise Critics showed up for a great time.  They have ‘silver service’ in the Garden Cafe buffet for 48 hours after Egypt to cut down on germs.  The crew will serve every one.

     We enjoyed Tracey Shield’s tribute to Celine Dion in the Stardust Theater followed by Spotlight Showtime – Showdown by the Production Cast.  We had a towel elephant tonight.                                               

IMG_5330  IMG_5588

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