Monday, Sept. 28, 2009 – Nafplion, Greece

IMG_5717 Stitch Napflion      

Nafplion is a captivating Greek town on the Peloponnesian coast.  The town dates back to antiquity and this is why this historic location is thronged with tourists, who come here to catch a glimpse of the age-old relics that are testaments to its rich cultural past.  Nafplion is not only known to the world because of its significance as center of a grandiose civilization but also because of its panoramic delights of the picturesque coasts and the stunning beaches.  The cobbled, meandering lanes that crisscross this quaint city also led visitors to small cafes inns and taverns offering mouthwatering local cuisines, such as boiled goat rooster with homemade pasta seafood and fresh fish.  Nafplion is just two hours away from Athens.

     Not going on a tour is pretty nice, we can get up when we want and not have to worry about getting a tender ticket.  Ray did a good job getting on the tender.    We used the Jade’s life boats as tenders.

IMG_5725IMG_5679  IMG_5681

Nafplion is a pretty little town.  We walked along the water to get on a tour tram.  It was full, so I set off to find Internet.  A cafe gave me the password without even buying anything.  I had trouble getting online and it took longer than I thought.  I finished and went back to where Ray was waiting and we got on the tram.  It was 4 Euro each for about a 20 minute ride.  It was very enjoyable and a nice ride.

IMG_5686  IMG_5690

IMG_5693 IMG_5713

Palamidi Castle (1686-1715) and Bourtzi Island Fortress

The Palamidi Castle was built by the Franks and completed by the The Bourtzi Island Fortress defines the postcard view of Nafplion by the sea.  This and the hill the town’s houses and period buildings climb, creates the unique picture of the town.  The little island “Bourtzi” at the entrance of the port was fortified with cannons during the Middle Ages.  Built in 1471 by Antonio Gambello, an architect from Bergamo.  From 1930 until 1970 it was run as a hotel.Venetians.  The Fortress was built during the Second Venetian Period and is 216 meters high.    

      Everyone was busy packing and we just enjoyed our day.  British Tenor Laurence Robinson entertained us this evening.  He is on track to become the biggest opera star in the U.K.  After that, Ray went to the Atrium to see the Production Show Cast members perform around the piano.  I went to the Spinnaker to watch the Perfect Couple comedy game show.  Luggage abounded in the hall as we headed back to the cabin.

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