Tuesday, Sept. 29, 2009 – Piraeus/Athens, Greece

     We met Garrie Lynn and Jim on the pier to take a cab to the Acropolis.  It was crowded in the cab and the streets were busy.  We were let out near the south entrance where there was a handicap elevator to the top.  It was a good walk to reach the elevator.


     They are busy restoring the buildings of the Acropolis.  I remember walking through the Parthenon in 1964 and it is blocked off now.  It was just amazing to think of how they built this on top of this hill.



We decided to walk down instead of using the elevator.

IMG_5758  IMG_5776

IMG_5777   When we reached the bottom we were going to head to the museum but saw a sight-seeing tram stop at the corner.  We got on and it was 5 Euro each ($7.50) for an hour tour.  It was a hoho (hop on hop off) but we stayed on.  We rode through all the areas near the Acropolis; the Platka, Syntagma, Agora and Monastiraki. 

IMG_5793 IMG_5801

IMG_5817 IMG_5827

We went down very narrow streets and even the main road!

We got off at the museum but found out that our 12 Euro Acropolis ticket was not valid.  It was good at the Ancient Agora Theatre of Dionysos, Roman Agora, Kerameikos, Temple of Olympian Zeus and Hadrian’s Library.  We didn’t go in.  This is the Athenian Owl, symbol of wisdom and ruins near the museum.

IMG_5843 IMG_5841

We found our way to the Metro to return to the ship.  We had to change trains after 2 stops, but they had escalators and elevators.  It took 30 minutes to get to the pier area in a very hot, crowded car.

The area at the Pireaus stop was kind of seedy.  We crossed the road and were told the ship was far and to hail a cab to pier 11.  I hailed a cab and he said he understood.  He told us 4 Euro but the Harbor Master told us it would be 3.  Oh well, it was close.  Ray had a painful entry into the back seat.  I told the driver #11, Pier B and showed him on paper and he took us to Pier A.  An NCL rep came to the cab and gave him directions in Greek.  The driver was not happy as he had to go back where we came from and make a U-turn to get us to Pier B.  He was not happy when I gave him 4 Euro.

We had lunch in the Blue Lagoon and relaxed for a while.  There was the boat drill and then the Cruise Critics met on deck 12.  We met up with Stanley and Susie, who wasn’t feeling well.  Susie went to rest and Stanley, Ray and I ate in Papa’s Italian Restaurant.  The Welcome Aboard Show had a little bit of different acts we would see during the cruise.  We’re off to see the Black Sea!

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