Wednesday, Sept. 30, 3009 – Iraklion, Crete, Greece

     Today is going to be like a sea day for us.  We went to Knossos last Tuesday and with Ray’s knee still a problem we are not going to walk the town. 

     We met Susie and Stanley for breakfast in the Grand Pacific Dining Room.  Susie wasn’t feeling well and went to the Dr.  There aren’t too many activities on board.  There is making an origami paper box, the Movie Pink Panther 2 which we saw last week, and art 101 Seminar on printmaking.  It’s a good day to sit outside and enjoy the fresh air and read a good book.  I went to the terminal before lunch to post to the blog.  I had a lot of trouble and then my battery went dead.  I went back on board for lunch, charged the computer and went back to the terminal.  They give you free Internet for an hour but will give you more time.

     The show tonight is the comedy of Paul Adams.  He did a little bit last night and was very funny.  The Majority Rules game show will be in the Spinnaker Lounge and it is Monte Carlo night in the casino.  Below are some shots of the Jade.  Left to right:  sports screen outside the casino, the pool, Grand Pacific dining room, art gallery, Atrium lobby on 7, roulette, and Medusa Lounge.

IMG_5678 IMG_5296

IMG_5859 IMG_5863

IMG_5865 IMG_5876

IMG_5857 Stitch Medusa Lounge

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