Thursday, Oct. 1, 2009 – Rhodes, Greece

     We had breakfast in the Blue Lagoon this morning.  Stanley was taking Susie back to the Dr.  We met him later in town and they were testing her for the Swine Flu.  One test was positive, one negative, and one inconclusive.  They were contacting NY as what to do.  By dinner, they moved her to a suite for quarantine.  Stanley is in their old room.

STB_5883 Stitch Rhodes

     Civilization center of very old history, Rhodes is the biggest island of Dodecanese and the fourth of Greek islands.  Situated on the south point of the Agean Sea, it has a surface of 1398 km, a coastline of 220 km long.  Rhodes was already inhabited in the neolithic era.  During the last phase of the bronze era, the Minoans settled here, followed by the Acheans and by the Dorians.  Between the V and the II century BC the island began to found colonies.  Under Vespasian the island was annexed to the Roman Empire and after to the Byzantine’s.

     After the Arab and Genoaese invasions in 1306 the Maltese Ritters settled on the island bringing along a new stability.  In this period the impressive medieval city dominated by the fortress was built.  In 1522 the Turks got the hold of the island and kept it till 1912 when the Italians arrived staying until 1944.  It was the fascist government that restored the city and built new roads.  Since 1948 Rhodes has belonged to Greece.  Nearby the port stood the Colossus, a 35m high bronze statue on a 9m base built by the Lyndian sculptor and was completed in 282 BC.  The statue represented their sun god Helios. It collapsed during an Earthquake in 226 BC and it stayed on the floor for 9 centuries until the Arabs took it to Syria and sold it to a Jewish trader.

IMG_5892 IMG_5893

     It was a fun little old town to walk through.  Ray did pretty good but his knee was killing him by the time we got back to the ship.  They have some very lovely jewelry and art pieces in the town.  There are oodles of shops and tavernas.   We met Stanley on our way out.  I think today was the hottest day of the cruise.

IMG_5895 IMG_5897


     “Stars on Strings” is the entertainment again tonight so we didn’t go.  I played some roulette and slots with just $10 for an hour before it was gone.  Tomorrow is Izmir again so we don’t have to get up for a tour.  We’re liking this, except for Ray’s knee and Susie not feeling well.

IMG_5907 IMG_5911

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